Minestrone For The Soul

This is a personal blog of short stories and poetry that I have written and am writing that I want to share with the world. I have wanted to do something like this for awhile and have decided that this is as good as a time as any.

About Me

“Write What You Know”

My name is Jessie, I am a 35 year old mother of 2 living in Washington State, USA. I have epilepsy. I used to be a funeral director and I studied Cultural Anthropology in college. My youngest son has autism. I am married to a professional musician and sociologist and you could say that we are both professional people watchers. Writing has always been a hobby of mine and I have wanted to put my stories on the internet for awhile.

A Few Of My Poems

Time Eats Away

Time eats away, The once fradulent beauty of the past Shape shifting Into new wisdom An enlightened era Where only the memories of the past remain and they too – are grey with dust.


Many Words Never Whispered Will Echo In a World We create In our Dreams….

Histories Requiem

A thwarted beauty passed by me, A woman scorned beside. A jester lingered in the back, behind the fall of pride. Lot’s wife they pulled in wagons, her essence swirling in the wind. Satan himself presided with his evil grin. Poe & Faust & Oedipus toil their weary route. While this funeral procession winds on & on always gaining count. Not snow, nor sleet nor bitter wind can keep them from their trot. They’ll wander on forevermore through a world that sees them not.

Recent Releases

  • August 18th 2020
    Dear Reader,
  • DesertScapes
    Doom dances darkly  Dry deserts drift dusty depths  Drowned dreams drugged durations display disappointment  Demons devastate, damage, demolish dirty deeds  Devilishly deducing damned dominions during dedicated darkness  Desecration dominants desolated, deserted destinations  Decay drips down desperate destruction
  • “A-Z”
    Artistic BreaksĀ  Crescendo Densely  Entrapping Ferocious  Genius Harboring  Intellect Jealously  Keeping Limber  Minds Nimbly  Open Permanently  Quiet Ridges  Softly Tremble  Under Voluminous   Waves Xanthic  Yellow Zeal 

Thank you so so much for coming by! You are exactly who I was hoping would come by and read my work and I so appreciate you. I hope you have a great day and I hope I entertained you just a little bit. If you did find anything you enjoyed, I hope you come back! I plan on adding more content as I dig deeper into my imagination, and it’s so much easier with the support of Dear Readers like You.


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