August 18th 2020

Cape Disappointment, Washington State

My Dear Reader,

I haven’t posted in awhile because I have found myself in a stagnant place and am trying to find a way out of it. I have been reading a lot to try to find inspiration in the words of others. I am struggling to find my voice, but I know it is in there and it is trying to find its’ way out. I just need to find it. I am worried my stories are too inherently “dark”. But, life is a dark journey isn’t it? Definitely darker for some than for others. And if you shy away from the darkness it only gives it more room to grow in my personal experience. I guess maybe I am a little afraid that the voice I find might scare some people away. But, my Dear Reader, I suppose that’s not really giving you the benefit of a doubt. And truly unfair on my part. So with that in mind I put some of my more “dark” poetry today and I am currently working on a story about a “nice girl” who finds herself making tough decisions that I will have up in the next few days for you. I will work on making my absences less often. Especially since I do want you. Dear Reader, to stick around. Have a good day, stay safe, and remember to Love Each Other.

Cape Disappointment, Washington State

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