Lucy In The Sky

                 “Damnit Zephyr! Get in the kennel!!” I shouted, as I wrestled with the 6lb cat that my sister had decided to let loose. “Today of all days…” I muttered, as I grabbed the tortoiseshell by the scruff of her neck and gave her a little shake of disapproval. “Lucy, I hate your cat.”                Continue reading “Lucy In The Sky”

A Fish Out Of Water

Once Upon A Time there was a kingdom by the sea ruled by a King and a Queen. The Queen was a unique women, she was very fond of the sea, and many of the villagers of the town she ruled were affected by the water she loved so much. Few people in town knewContinue reading “A Fish Out Of Water”

Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Jessi, and I am here to write some stories and share them with the world. I have been through many things in my life, and with all those things comes the knowledge that we have zero control. Except that is, within the confines of our own imaginations. To me writing andContinue reading “Dear Reader,”